Financing Options for Solar Panels

Financing solar panels can be approached through various avenues, offering flexibility to suit diverse financial situations. Exploring these financing routes empowers individuals to embrace solar energy, reducing reliance on conventional power sources while reaping long-term financial and environmental benefits.

Say Hello to Savings and Lower Utility Costs

Switching to solar enables savings on your monthly utility bill, coupled with additional gains through local and federal solar incentives. It acts as a shield against escalating energy costs and can boost your home’s overall value.

The amount of PV energy your system produces directly affects the reduction in your utility bill, though it can vary month-to-month. We strive to design a system that offsets 100% of your average utility bill.

Assuring Savings with Solar Power: Our aim is immediate savings on your electric bill, starting from day one. Your system harnesses clean power from the sun, kickstarting your savings.

Navigating Solar Financing Choices

Deciding on financing your home’s solar system is a pivotal moment. It’s a chance to personalize your electricity rate and kickstart your solar savings journey. Ownership can be achieved through a cash purchase or a solar loan.

Navigating a Cash Purchase

Choosing a cash purchase ensures maximum lifetime savings by bypassing interest associated with solar loans. It’s comparable to upfront payment for 25 years of electricity. The cash purchase process involves four essential payments at key stages: Down Payment/Deposit, Upon Approval of Site Designs, Upon Delivery of Materials, and Upon Final Building Inspection. Our solar energy representative will provide comprehensive details for each option.

Considering Solar Loans for Flexibility

Solar loans offer flexibility without requiring upfront cash, spanning 8 to 20 years and aligning with solar tax credits. Tailoring options for down payments and loan terms allows individuals to initiate savings. Shorter terms mean higher monthly payments but greater lifetime savings and reduced interest. Longer terms result in lower monthly payments but potentially lower lifetime savings with higher interest costs.


It’s simple, Power collects your utility bill so we can design a custom savings
proposal for your home. Then, we schedule a consultation to review your best
money saving options.